Elastix Anti-Hacker Addon

State Ready
Description Improve the security of your Elastix with Anti-Hacker module. Anti-Hacker module protects your server and don’t allow hackers attack the main services like ASTERISK, WEB INTERFACE (http/https), SSH, VSFTPD (ftp).
Official site elastixaddons.com


2 комментария к “Elastix Anti-Hacker Addon

  1. I have tried to purchase the Anti-Hacker module but the transaction fails on the palosanto website. I know my payment method is good and should work. Please advise on how I can proceed to purchase and implement? Thank you!!

  2. Hi

    I am unable to find license for elastix 4 the license from the elastix addon site which we get for free is invalid for my install.

    Could you please advise how to get a elastix 4 license ongoing i am more then happy to pay and hope i can arrange continued access for new servers we setup for clients.

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