MyVPN Server for Elastix

Project Elastix
State Ready
Description MyVPN Server Addon is a native module for Elastix that implements virtual private network (VPN) techniques for creating secure point-to-point or site-to-site connections in routed or bridged configurations and remote access facilities using OpenVPN technologies. It is capable of traversing network address translators (NATs) and firewalls.

server1Проект Elastix
Статус Готов
Описание MyVPN Server это дополнение для Elastix, позволяющее развернуть защищенную сеть (VPN) используя OpenVPN.

Feature List

  • Generation all necessary certificates by one click.
  • Automatic generation configuration files for Clients.
  • Automatic sending notifications to the email using web-interface.
  • Network Utilization Graph
  • Report generation (pdf, csv, xls).
  • Full OpenVPN log files.
  • Mail templates.
  • Full compatibility with MyVPN (OpenVPN) Client Addon for Elasix.
  • Setting up expire date for Clients.
  • Setting up number of maximum connected clients, log level and compression.
  • Setting up internal Client communication. Clients can’t connect to each other if you don’t want.
  • Setting up static IP Address for Clients. This is a useful and necessary function when you want to connect different networks. Also you can change IP address in real time for your Clients.
  • Setting up Keep Alive Options.
  • Enable or disable NAT [Network Address Translation].
  • Overwrite Default Gateway and Static routes for Clients.
  • Quick support.

Elastix and OpenVPN Server (MyVPN Server) for 3 minutesElastix и OpenVPN Server (MyVPN Server) за 3 минуты

На самом деле настроить сеть на основе дополнений для Elastix MyVPN Server и MyVPN Client можно гораздо быстрее. Для тех кому интересно как это сделать, не вдаваясь во все тонкости конфигурирования OpenVPN на Elastix прошу посмотреть 2 видеоролика.

MyVPN/OpenVPN Server


MyVPN/OpenVPN Client


AntiHacker Addon for Elastix: Available new version

ah1 (1)Thank you that you use AntiHacker Addon to protect your Elastix servers. Thanks to you we were able to make our product more reliable and comfortable. We totally recreated the module core to improve stability. We added the monitoring system which notifies of the issues to the administrator. There is also an additional information about which ports are used by protected services in the settings of AntiHacker Module. We took into account your requests and now you can add into a white list not only IP-addresses and Networks but also Domains. Also we added additional buttons like Email test and Download logs.

Now the module AntiHacker supports autodetection of listening ports for those Administrators who use non-standart ports.

Please, update for the last version in the control panel of Elastix. For this follow the Addons page and press the button UPDATE next to the module Anti-Hacker.

Elastix Anti-Hacker Addon

State Ready
Description Improve the security of your Elastix with Anti-Hacker module. Anti-Hacker module protects your server and don’t allow hackers attack the main services like ASTERISK, WEB INTERFACE (http/https), SSH, VSFTPD (ftp).
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Модуль Простые Звонки для Asterisk и NEOPbx

Как я уже писал ранее, в данный момент одна из задач – это интеграция модуля Простые Звонки в IP АТС NEOPbx. И я хотел представить на ваш суд финальный вариант как будет выглядеть страница настроек.

Вроде бы ничего, как думайте?